Process Control


Control valves are used in closed loop systems where processes such as temperature, pressure or flow are being controlled. 

RPP diaphragms provide the required sensitivity to react to changes in differential pressure and assure accurate control of the process. These may occur in any industry but are predominantly in the power generation, chemical and oil and gas markets.


Agriculture & Water Management


The water management market includes products for the regulation, distribution and filtration of municipal and irrigation water.  The primary end users are in agriculture and recreation such as golf courses and municipal parks and playing fields. 

Water management valves and regulators must function under all types of weather conditions, from extreme heat to extreme cold.  Diaphragm actuated valves will not fail from exposure to such conditions.  They can be actuated from remote control centers with a high degree of reliability.


LPG and Natural Gas Regulators


Regulators in the LPG and natural gas market are used primarily in the distribution network to reduce system pressures from wellhead to end user.  One of the largest applications is the house service regulator that is used in front of the gas meter.

Because gas is compressible it must be maintained at a constant pressure so that the gas meter can be used to measure the volume.  RPP diaphragms are used to seal the piston in a regulator force/balance system because of their sensitivity to slight changes in system pressure.

Medical Devices


Many medical applications require the accurate dispensing and metering of fluids and gases.  Diaphragms provide positive displacement, plus a clinically clean seal which does not trap bacteria, as would interference type seals. 

Typical applications include measurement devices and ventilators.  In a measurement device the diaphragm is used to seal a piston so that it will respond to slight changes in volume.  In a ventilator application the diaphragm is used to mechanically drive a displacement pump.

Industrial Systems & Other Applications


Diaphragms are used in a wide range of industrial applications such as pumps, actuators, tensioning devices, shock and vibration apparatus, metering devices, axial fan controls and in many other systems where zero leakage, no breakaway friction and sensitivity are required. 

RPP diaphragms are also used in aircraft environmental controls, small engine carburetors and pneumatic actuators.

Nuclear Power

RPP is a premier supplier of diaphragm seals going into control valves for the nuclear power industry.  Manufacturing in sizes up to 46 inches in diameter, RPP’s nuclear application diaphragms are produced in accordance with 10CFR50 Appendix B. 

Typical elastomers for nuclear applications include Nitrile, Saturated Nitrile, EPDM and Silicone. Utilizing high temperature polyamides, liquid crystal polymer based fabrics, and other high temperature, high pressure fabrics, RPP diaphragms are the right choice for your mission critical applications