Diaphragm Seal Applications


Valve Actuator Diaphragms for Process Control

The diaphragm reacts to small changes in system control pressure to open or close a process control valve used for maintaining temperature or pressure in an industrial closed loop process.

Valve actuators are used in a wide variety of applications (high pressure, natural gas and liquid propane gas regulators, vibration dampening, web tensioning, automotive emission controls) and industries (chemical, petroleum, mining, nuclear, paper, textiles, aerospace, heating and air conditioning).  






Pressure Switch Diaphragms


The diaphragm is used to effect the mechanical opening and closing of an electrical contact in response to an input pressure signal. Typical applications include instrumentation and HVAC systems.


Pressure Regulator Diaphragms

The diaphragm is part of a force / balance system, and senses deviation from the desired set point, which in turn allows pressure to build up or vent down until the set point is once again attained. RPP diaphragms are using in air, water and propane regulators, natural gas house service regulators, back-flow prevention, medical respirators and relays.


Flow Meter Diaphragms

Requiring very little energy to move, and with a constant displacement, diaphragms are used to measure gas flow in terms of volume.




Valve Diaphragms

Valves controlling the flow of liquids or gases frequently utilize diaphragms as both an actuator component and a valve seat. RPP produces very small and very large valve diaphragms for water management, irrigation valves, blowout prevention, liquid flow, slurry and vacuum valves.

Air Brake Diaphragms

Diaphragms allow the use of inexpensive hardware design, yet provide high reliability in the process of converting air pressure to braking force. RPP manufactures diaphragms for large vehicle and train braking systems as well as force transducers.






Pump Diaphragms

Diaphragms are used in double-acting pumps to move slurries and other difficult materials without abrasion or leakage. Diaphragms are commonly used in bilge (marine) pumps and as a mechanical seal for pump controls.







Dispensing & Metering Diaphragms

The accurate repeatable mechanical motion of a diaphragm is frequently used in dispensing very precise volumes of various liquids.







Pneumatic Positioning Actuator Diaphragms

With their constant effective area and quick, accurate response to slight pressure changes, diaphragms are frequently used to position devices precisely in response to minute changes in signal pressure. A typical use for these types of diaphragms is in air cylinders.